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The Joy of Being Disorganized

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The Joy of Being Disorganized is excitingly different from all the get organized books ever written. Including mine! Over the 35 years I’ve been helping SHEs, I discovered and reveal 80 secrets to get you organized by finding peace.

If you are disorganized, you’ll see yourself in every chapter, and in a new and soothing light. The Joy of Being Disorganized will completely change the way you look at yourself and at housework and it will help get your family to want to help you.

JOY will completely change the way to you look at housework, how your family will accept wanting to help and more importantly, it will brighten your attitude toward those nasty and persistent messes around your home.

Never again will you beat yourself up over not being organized. With a fresh way of looking at organization – homemaking and housekeeping are truly matters of peacemaking and peacekeeping– you’ll stop putting organized people up on a pedestal and subsequently stop putting yourself down.


I show you how to look at the big picture and then move in small ways to achieve the home you’ve always wanted. Go from CHAOS – Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome – to CHAOS – CAN Have Anyone Over, Sweetie!

I show you how to get organized in your own way, on your own time table.

You’ll laugh, cry and bubble with excitement to get going with my innovative, new plan and, by using the eighty secrets I reveal, you will have a clean, cozy peaceful home.

Peace. That’s what we really want!

The eBook version is available in multiple formats allowing it to be read on your computer or laptop (you’ll need Adobe Reader which is free at, mobile devices, and e-readers like the Kindle and Nook!


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Price: from $9.95


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